What We Do – Accident Car Removal in Melbourne, Australia?

Accident Car Removal Melbourne

VicRecycling Australia is a leading provider of vehicle recycling services. VicRecycle is a registered trademark owned by the Vicariously Group, a company with a history of providing high quality vehicle recycling in over 80 countries worldwide. Accident Car Removal Melbourne is a division of VicRecycling. Both are accredited members of the Vehicle Recycling Council Australia (VRCA) who have both nationally and regionally endorsed them.

Accident Car Removal Melbourne deals in both new and salvaged vehicles. All models, dead or alive, all are welcome, regardless of condition, vehicle registration, uninsured, damaged, all are welcome, no matter where your vehicle is located. The process for removal varies slightly from one service location to another, but the end result will be the same: junk cars are recycled into essential raw material like scrap steel for manufacturing. You too can become a part of this program.

Accident Car Removal Melbourne is affiliated with the nationwide network of salvage yards. In partnership with these yards, they help to provide their members with superior pick up services nationwide. Their goal is to offer clients nationwide the best recycled car removal services using environmentally safe, recycled materials. They provide clients with the option to choose their own vehicle for removal. Once your old, no longer running motorhome, recreational vehicle or classic car has been prepared for pickup by a skilled VicRecycling Accident Car Removal Melbourne removal team, you’ll be on your way to a better life, one step closer to being environmental.

The entire process is made easier because Melbourne offers cutting edge logistics expertise. With the support of their nationwide network of skilled haulage professionals, they can prepare your vehicle for transportation with skill and precision. Accident Car Removal Melbourne offers many different services to suit every individual’s unique needs. For starters, they can prepare your vehicle for pickup at our shop, then transport it to your desired destination using fully enclosed trucks. Some of the most common services include: full body paint replacement, upholstery restoration, upholstery cleaning, frame and bumper repairs, as well as exterior repair and refinishing. Many of these services are performed at the driveway of your choice.

A professional, experienced Accident Car Removal company in Melbourne will give your vehicle a thorough inspection prior to pick up. During the inspection, they will make certain that all the doors, windows and tires are in excellent condition. After this inspection, your vehicle will be prepared for transportation by our skilled technicians. We take pride in our workmanship; our Accident Car Removal Company strives to perform each and every service in the safest manner possible. Throughout the entire process, our expert technicians are ready to answer any questions you may have.

After your vehicle has been properly prepared and has been transported to your desired location, our junk removal professionals will carefully dismantle your vehicle for further processing. Once your vehicle is disassembled, it is disassembled even further, until there is nothing left but your personal belongings and important documents. All unwanted material is removed, and all personal belongings are securely stored during the entire process. Your entire vehicle is then packaged and either sold or given to a trusted donation agency.

No matter what state you live in, our Accident Car Removal team will gladly remove your vehicle to anywhere in the country. Due to the size and weight of most accident cars, interstate travel is not an option. However, our skilled technicians can move your damaged or junk car to your closest local servicing location, so you can get it fixed quickly and easily.

No matter what state you live in, whether it’s Florida or Massachusetts, you will be pleased with the care and attention that our Accident Car Removal team provides. Our expert technicians can make your old, junk cars look like new again. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, from a Honda to a Toyota, you can count on our expert service and assistance.

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